Powder Coat Handrail in Idaho

Powder Coat Handrail in Idaho Falls
Idaho Powder Coating is known for its high quality handrail powder coating projects. Idaho Powder Coating has the largest Oven in Eastern Idaho allowing the handrail fabricators to build their handrail in longer sections. Our Oven is 30′ long allowing us to accommodate stair stringers, handrail, grabrail and fence rail with ease.

Durability of Powder Coated Handrails

The Durability of a Powder Coated Finish on Handrails is unmatched. The Powder Coating Process of sandblasting, priming and powder coating followed by a cure at 400 degrees in our powder coating oven, gives the durable scratch resistant, color retention and corrosion resistant finish found in Powder Coating.

Why Choose Idaho Powder Coating for your Handrail Projects?

Not all Powder Coating Companies are created Equal. Idaho Powder Coating prides itself in its employee training programs, quality control and superior durability on its products. Idaho Powder Coating ensures that the metal substrate is properly prepared for Powder Coating. This is done by Sandblasting the metal down to a “White Finish”.

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