Powder Coating in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls, ID 83401 Powder Coating
Idaho Falls is a hub for commerce in East Idaho and Powder Coating is a key part to the manufacturing and fabrication performed throughout the Region. Here are Premier Powder Coating we have serviced Idaho Falls with all their Powder Coating needs for over 10 years. We are the trusted Powder Coating company in Idaho and perform the powder coating best practices on all of the projects that come through our door. We invest in doing the best job possible the first time eliminating re-work and powder coat failures.

Why Choose Premier Powder Coating as your Primary Powder Coater?

Our Powder Coating customer base spans the region and even the nation. We are the number one choice for powder coating because:
1) We make sure the powder coating is done right the first time.
2) We have exceptional customer service.
3) We have a team working around the clock to produce short lead times and overnight turn around time.
4) We have a 1 year guarantee on all work that is Sandblasted, Primed and Powder Coated.

Partner with us today and receive the best powder coating services the industry has to offer!
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