Abrasive Sandblasting

Idaho Falls Sandblasting
Premier Powder Coating has the largest Sandblasting Booth in the Region. Our industrial sandblast booth is 9′ x 8′ x 30′, allowing us to sandblast large and small parts, from new to rusty or painted surfaces.

Our sandblast process includes sandblasting metal to specification SSPC-SP 5/NACE “White Finish” which includes:

1) Cleaning of unpainted or painted steel surfaces by the use of abrasives

2) A white metal blast cleaned surface, when viewed without magnification, shall be free of all visible oil, grease, dust, dirt, mill scale, rust, coating, oxides, corrosion products, and other foreign matter.

Significance of “White Metal Finish” Prior to Powder Coating

Idaho Sandblasting to "White Finish"
With a “white metal finish,” a 1.8-2.2 mil profile is engraved into the metal surface. This profile allows for a low molecule primer to embed itself deep into the metal surface providing a long lasting adhesion of primer to the substrate. This process, followed by a top coat gives the final finish a strong resistance to corrosion and rust. Based on outside 3rd party testing, we have found this process to be superior to other processes that use acid etch or wash techniques.

Why Choose Premier Powder Coating for your Sandblasting Projects?

Premier Powder Coating has been in the sandblasting business for over 10 years. Our sandblasters are hand picked for their attention to detail and work ethic. Each sandblaster is trained and carries out his/her duties with precision. We have a two step quality control process that prevents a partially sandblasted part from being deemed completed and given to the customer during pick up. A white finish on all materials is our standard.